The Pantanal alternative

This tour offers a short but intense opportunity to enjoy some of the most spectacular wildlife in Bolivia, South America. As for seeing Jaguar, it avoids the crowded scenes of the Pantanal and so makes it a genuine, exclusive and peaceful experience.

The uniqueness is the combination of different habitats within the boundaries of the private estate as, besides agricultural fields, the area hosts gallery forest, woodland and marshes. A network of roads makes access easy compared to the boat restricted vast area of flooded forests in the Pantanal.

Besides the Jaguar, the following high quality species make the trip undoubtedly well worth a visit: Ocelot, Jaguarundi, Puma, Brazilian Tapir, Pink-river Dolphin, Neotropical Otter and Giant Anteater. Not forgetting, of course, the commoner species such as Marsh Deer, Brocket Deer, Three-toed Sloth, Red Howler Monkey, Capybara, Coati, Peccary, Nine-banded Armadillo and Spectacled Caiman.

Although in the main a mammal watching trip many bird species can been seen too – 270 species has been recorded. To name a few: Greater Rhea, Jabiru, Yellow and green Macaw, King Vulture, Roseate Spoonbill, Toco Toucan, Sunbittern, Plumbeous Ibis, Southern Screamer, Savanna Hawk and Large-billed Tern.


Transport to and on the property is by 4WD, camping in large tents on the property (single occupancy is an option), morning, day and night drives, flexible itineary to maximise possible sightings.