Mid summer large carnivores galore

Watching or photographing wild Brown Bears, Wolverines and Grey Wolves: Finland is without doubt the place to be to fulfill this quest! With an estimated populations of approx 1500 bears, 130-200 wolverines and about 150 wolves, the country offers exceptional opportunities to view these three species of large carnivores. This trip takes you to places where you can watch or photograph these predators all night long from hides. Regardless of whether you are a photographer or just happy watching the animals, these hides give you some fabulous and very close views of what in general are very difficult mammals to see in the wild. Given the high chance of close views it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Much more besides

To get the best out of this trip we will also look for the following species which are all found in this region: the endangered Saimaa-ringed Seal, the tiny beautiful Siberian Flying Squirrel and the elusive Forest Reindeer. Plus Elk, Beech Marten and Mountain Hare are all possible while we drive the forest roads at twilight.

Ending or starting with a cruise

During a boat trip through Linnansaari National Park every effort will be made to try and find the rare and endemic Saimaa-ringed Seal. As summer is a bit late in the season to find the seals we will also keep our eyes open for other wildlife resident in this vast archipelago: for example European Beavers and and birds species such as Osprey, Black-throated Diver, European Goldeneye and Red-breasted Merganser. This cruise is a splendid way to start or end a Finnish wildlife holiday.

The hides

Nights will be spent in specially designed hides which we will use from around 4pm until around 7am the following morning. Although there are a number of different hides based in different areas they all overlook regular feeding areas that are visited by the resident predators. Although moving slowly  and whispering is standard hide behaviour most of the hides have enough room to move about without too many limitations. All of the hides are specially designed for photographers complete with tripod head mount screws and cloth sleeves to push a camera lens through. The hides cater for singles, duos and small groups. All have long-drop toilets, a bunkbed and a chair to sit on. Sleeping bags are provided as  are snacks and drinks.


To compensate spending a night in a small and basic hide it is possible to recover and rest till noon in nearby base camps or rustic hotels.