Large carnivores in late summer

A journey that focuses entirely on either viewing or photographing the three large carnivores that regularly appear in front of the well-known observation huts in the Finland’s wild ‘no man’s land. The big difference with the midsummer version of this trip is mainly the logistical aspect. After all, from mid-August the days in the far north become considerably shorter in terms of the amount of daylight. The late summer timing offers the great advantage that staying overnight in the cabins is not necessary. In addition, the local carnivores arrive at and near the feeding sites at an earlier time. The stay in the huts is limited from the afternoon until nightfall.  Afterwards, you will return to the overnight place and you can enjoy a well-deserved, normal night’s sleep. This with all the comfort you are used to from home.

A unique setting in Finland’s wild ‘no man’s land

Given the presence of wolves, bears and wolverines near the hides, it’s always a pleasure observing these large carnivores in an unique way. After a decade of guiding these type of tours in Finland, EB5 founder Jan knows several bears, wolves and wolverines by (nick)name, physical performance and behaviour. Despite, having this experience, the set up is never the same as to who and when will perform on the taiga stage. It makes the hide sessions always something to look forward too. More over, it is such a privilege to be present in Finland’s wild ‘no man’s land. This no man’s land is roughly the north/south international border between Finland and the Russian Federation. Some 1340km long, it runs mostly through uninhabited taiga forests and sparsely populated rural areas. Especially near Kuhmo, not far from the Russian border, the Finnish no man’s land is devoid of humans. Instead, high densities of predators such as Brown Bears, Wolverines and Wolves, find a place to live and roam freely.

Bycatch of other animals during this period is minimal. After all, the breeding season for many bird species has already passed. Some of them (cranes, geese, finches,…) are already trooping together preparing for their autumn migration south. For those who wish, a quest for the Saimaa-ringed Seal and or quests for either Forest Reindeer or European Moose can be added.

For sports enthusiasts, practicing pike fishing, a hike or a trip with a canoe or kayak is also possible!