Epic mammals of the Tibetan Plateau

Snow Leopards are seen regularly in Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayas. Incredible reports full of crazy sightings and pictures are not a surprise any longer. Which is actually just great to see and read in these days of diminishing wildlife and extinction threats! But reports aren’t now any longer only from India.
For several years Snow Leopards have been spotted in Mongolia and China. Moreover, especially those from the Chinese Tibetan Plateau, these reports are topped with numerous sightings of other iconic mammal species like the bizzare and beautiful looking Pallas’s Cat, the massive Wild Yak and the enigmatic Tibetan Antelope.
So, with this EB5 tour to the Chinese Qinghai province, it is actually all about offering another wildlife experience equal with the feeling of EB5’s first ever Snow Leopard sightings in Hemis NP, Ladakh back in the autumn of 2012 – an atmospheric report of that trip is available on the EB5 website (report chapter).

The list of potential mammals related with this trip is undoubtly impressive: Tibetan Wolf, Tibetan Fox, Eurasian Lynx, Pallas’s Cat, Snow Leopard, Tibetan Wild Ass, Wild Yak, Tibetan Antelope, Argali, White-lipped Deer, Tibetan Gazelle, Himalayan Brown Bear, Asian Badger, Glover’s Pika, Steppe Polecat

The full report of EB5’s 2019 Chinese Tibetan Plateau (Qinghai) tour can be found on the EB5 report chapter too.
So, if you are keen to try for Snow Leopards, and many more mammals besides, read that report as a comprehensive guide to what’s on offer and what to expect on the tour.