Hide watching

Bieszczady: without doubt one of Europe’s last, unknown and remote wilderness areas where iconic mammals like Wolves, Lynxes, European Bisons and even Brown Bears still thrive. Using our expertise and experience in the region we will help you on your way to achieve cracking observations of these resident key species.

Choosing our tailor made format you will obtain access to an exclusive observation hide which we have set up ourselves in the region. In addition to offering you access to this private hide, we’ll also inform you about local hotspots: forest patches hosting key species, prime vantage points to scan from, nestboxes for owls……
Booking the hide is always connected with an overnight’s stay (bed and breakfast) in the area which functions as a base camp. With this combination you can be sure about continuously being present in areas where Wolves, Brown Bear, Lynxes and European Bison are roaming throughout the year. Lunch can be obtained in a restaurant known for its local dishes including vegetarian options.

The unique angle of this tailor made trip gives you the possibility to compile your own program suited to your personal wishes based on how many days you want to spend in the hide, in the field or just by relaxing/strolling near the base camp. Although the angle of approach of all three options is different, they have one thing in common: they all are situated in large carnivore and bison rich areas!
So by chosing the EB5 tailor made Polish Carpathians trip, you are completely free to arrange how, when and where you want to go in search of large carnivores, bisons and striking bird species of Bieszczady. Of course we are happy to advise you about creating and building up your personal intinerary.

Bird paradise and more!

Apart from large mammals, a variety of striking boreal bird species breed in the Bieszczady mountains too: Hazel Grouse, Golden Eagle, Nutcracker, owls (Tengmalms, Pygmy and Ural) and woodpeckers (Grey-headed, Black, Middle-spotted and White-backed). From the end of March, beginning of April you also get the first migrants arriving back in the area. Black Storks and Lesser Spotted Eagles are from then onwards a part of the landscape! We will inform you where the best locations are for all these species and where owl nestboxes are situated. The same goes for streams and lakes hosting Otter and Beaver.

Clever planning

Do you want to see mammals/birds, go hiking, photographing the landscape or just relax? Don’t hesitate to ask us what you want to do and we will plan it out for you! Doing this assures you are prepared 100% before embarking on this trip.


With your own car

It is perfectly possible to travel to Bieszczady using your own car. The journey via the German-Polish network of motorways is not an ordeal. With a sleepover after the first day near the German-Polish border, you will arrive at the lodge in the early evening of the next day. During springtime, winter tyres are recommended but not a need as the roads normally are free of snow and easy to navigate. We make sure you have the necessary permits which will grant you permission during your stay into areas which are normally off-limits.

Flying and rental car

Flying and then driving the rest of the way is also perfectly possible. You fly into Krakow/Rzeszow from where you can hire a rental car. From Krakow the ride to Bieszczady takes 3.5 hours; from Rzeszow to Bieszczady 2 hours.

Hiking and nature study

This nature trip to Bieszczady is accessible for everyone with good basic fitness and a healthy interest in nature. Experience is not necessary. What can you expect from the nights spent in the observation hide? The second night in the area you will be brought to the hide which is set up in a remote location. Stocked with plenty of supplies and sleeping bags, this is your place for the night. During the morning you will be picked up again and you will return to your personal lodgings. In front of the hide bait will be put out at regular intervals, this is to attract the wildlife. From inside the hide you stand a good chance of observing Wolf, Brown Bear, European Bison and even Eurasian lynx. The bait does attract birds of prey too: Golden Eagle, Lesser-spotted Eagle, Goshawk, Common Buzzard and harriers (Hen and Marsh). The same with Red Fox, Badgers, Stoat, Wild Boar, Red and Roe Deer. After booking you will receive further information on how to behave in the hide – use of gas stove, dry toilet, handling the front panels and such like. Those who want to become one with nature and come eyeball to eyeball with wild animals must try and be as invisible as possible, always move slowly and be as quiet as possible!


At this time of year we will be able to enjoy the first sun of the spring. So you can count on nice, sunny and mild weather. It can however be quite cold in the evening and at night. Cloudy and rainy days – even snow – are possible too. We recommend well-adapted clothing for varied weather conditions.