Old and new reports

All previous trip reports of past EB5 tours are listed like before by using PDF files. New is the symbol of a flag either Dutch, British or both. There isn’t always time to write-up a report straight after a tour; some are on the long run.

Moreover, when guiding freelance for other agencies we normally do not write reports ourselves so as to keep the written outcome of the tour exlusive for the agencies own blogs or REPORT chapters. However, as always we do our best to provide trip reports of all EB5 tours and publish them as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


A nice Northern Spain report, of independant travellers using EB5’s services to built up their intinerary, is on it’s way. Being a poor year for Alpine buckthorn this autumn, bears gathered in some valleys with fruiting chestnut and acorn trees.

At one place, they spotted 7 bears at the same time! They ended up with more than 15 in total. Prolonged views of wolf cubs were made in both the Picos and Culebra and, as usual, a day active hunting Wild Cat was seen too!