Belgian wolves

At least one pack member visible to everyone

Below a telling image from a misty morning during late summer 2023: one of this year’s cubs from the Flemish wolf pack in Limburg. Banned, polarised and monopolised by all kinds of authorities, organisations and associations. Both pro and against the wolf. There is some writing and boasting regarding this apex predator. This has been the case since wolves recolonized Belgium a few years ago. Typical of humanity. I prefer to stay far away from it. But hey, that’s an opinion. After all, everyone has their own (green) frame of reference, ideas and personal feelings.

And in any case, the cutthroat traffic and the dense network of roads in Flanders and the Ardennes do their job. At least for those who would rather see animals dead than alive. It is downright terrifying how many wolves have been killed on the roads in recent years if you add them all up! And not just young animals. Alphas too!

Sunday the 17th of September 2023

The naturalists and wolf watchers present today didn’t care. Once again pure enjoyment! Goosebumps! Even after 15 years of wolf watching, your heart continues to beat faster when this animal looks you in the eye. Simply amazing! The five-month-old puppy had no problems at all with the enthusiasts present. He allowed himself to be observed and photographed for 20 minutes, provided a safe distance was maintained and respected. Afterwards he neatly looked for his hiding place again. The wolf was only briefly startled by an unknowing hiker and his dog. But just as urban foxes are now more assertive, this young wolf also continued its morning stroll and hunt after emerging from its hiding place. He dug up a dead mole lying in a ploughed field and, literally, threw it into the air and into his mouth.

The surrounding fields bordering the forbidden military area (the core area of the alpha couple; now sadly only a female as the male was hit and killed by a car last month), have been providing both food (rodents) and shelter (corn fields) for some time. For over a month, according to bystanders. In recent years, cubs from previous litters have done the same. So this place is not that secret. This animal looks healthy, at least so far, and clearly feels happy. This really wasn’t a bloodthirsty animal like Duffel’s wolf (2020) – haha!

Dutch and Belgian wolves three weekends in a row btw! Spoiled! And after sightings in the Netherlands (last weekend a pack of 9 individuals together), Finland, Poland and Spain, with this sighting now I have added a wolf in Belgium this year. Joy and happiness!

Thanks to Ronan Felix and John Wright for their contribution to this newsitem ; camaraderie related to the same passion!