White-tailed eagles and Siberian jays

A short winter visit to central Sweden mainly focusing on photographing White-tailed Eagles and Siberian Jays at close range. The trip includes  landscape photography in the Farnebofjarden, a unique stretch of the Dalälven river where lakes, rapids, wetlands and woods form a mosaic of habitats. Photo sessions for Grey-headed Woodpecker and Nutcracker could/might be added as well as joining a local ringer during his banding session of resident owl species (Pygmy and Tengmalm’s).

A biodiverse area

When it comes to the combination of northern and southern species that depend on forests and wetlands, the Färnebofjärden are quite unique in Sweden as they hold more than a hundred breeding bird species. There are unusually large populations here of several species that are rare (such as  Three-toed Woodpecker) or red-listed (such as  White-backed Woodpecker). Three different species of grouse are present in good numbers too: Hazel Hen,  Black Grouse and Capercaillie. Apart from the previous mentioned owl species Ural Owl also breeds in the area. Mammals are well represented – Moose and Roe Deer are both common and Eurasian Otters have recently recolonised. Although the area is a hotspot for Eurasian Lynx an encounter with this mythical cat  is a matter of luck and can’t be guaranteed!