BMB watching

A short but intensive visit to Sweden focusing on three iconic mammals: Bear, Moose and Beaver. Europe’s biggest rodent (Beaver) and largest herbivore (Moose) will be spotted the natural way, for  the king of the forest (Brown Bear), an overnight session in a hide near a baiting site will be used to increase the chances of a sighting to a reasonable level. 

Fly in and off you go

This tour doesn’t need any preparation apart from you booking a flight to Stockholm, the Swedish capital.  At either Arlanda or Vasteras airport, a local Swedish guide, who speaks fluent English and Dutch, will meet you with his personal SUV. From airport to airport he will be your exclusive and personal guide during the complete period of the tour.

220 km north of Stockholm

You will focus on the mammal targets in a core area Knisselbo, a small town in the province of Hälsingland – the “heart of Sweden”. Base camp is a rural bed & breakfast surrounded by lakes and forests, between the mountains in the West  and the Baltic Sea in the East

Intinerary  option one: three nights – four days

On day of arrival  and day 3, you will be focused on looking for Beaver and Moose at dusk. During day 2, you will spend the night in a hide for the Bears. At random, and on request, there are possibilities to look for specific boreal resident bird species. In the area are some typical Scandinavian bird species: Hazel Grouse, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Grey-headed and Three-toed Woodpeckers, Tengmalm’s, Ural and Pygmy Owls and there is the possibility of, depending on the season and current vole numbers, even Great Grey Owl. Plus Osprey, White-tailed Eagle, Horned Grebe, Nutcracker and Siberian Jay.

Iintinerary  option two: four night – five days

On day of arrival and days 3 and 4 you will be looking for Beavers and Moose. You will spend overnight on day 2 in a hide for the Bears. The one extra day offers more opportunity for birding, especially if the two outings for Moose and Beaver have been productive. Although not included in the tour rate, another bear hide session is an option here too.